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Introduction We've traced our respective ancestors, in some cases back more than 500 years.

Introduction Here you'll find information and pictures of us and our descendants.




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   Welcome to our web site.  This site is focused on my two main hobbies, Travel  and Genealogy.  There's also a small section about our Family, limited because of privacy considerations. Both the Travel and Genealogy sections are probably among the most extensive you'll find.

We've traveled the Western Hemisphere from top to bottom, from the North Slope of Alaska to Cape Horn on the tip of South America. We've been east as far as Adana, Turkey, and west as far as Tibet. The posted trips cover more than fifty years, from 1960 to the present. More than forty of the trips have been posted here, and we're still working on about a dozen more.

Our genealogy data base is also impressive. It goes back more than 500 years and includes more than 8,000 people. I think we've gone about as far as we can go, but we would certainly appreciate it if you can add anything.

       Thank you for visiting!

            Darrell Peck 

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