Our 60th Anniversary

We reached our 60th wedding anniversary on October 3, 2013. We decided to celebrate it during the Christmas holiday when it might be possible to get our entire extended family together. Everyone was very cooperative. Although they arrived and left at various times, there were two days when all 19 of us were there at once. 

We took that opportunity to have a professional photographer come to the house and take pictures of us in various groupings, whatever anyone requested. Coincidentally, we wound up with 19 groupings as well as 19 people.

Us with our sons

The newlyweds

Us with our grandchildren

Larry & Mina

Stephanie & Andria

The Larry Peck family

Dennis & Diane

The extended Dennis Peck family

Liz & Andy

Julia & Joseph

The Joseph Peck family

Robbie & Caren
Caren & Seth

Karen & Kevin

The Kevin Peck family

Jennifer & Brendon

Our grandchildren

Our sons & their wives

The wives' club


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