Even though we're now spread from coast to coast, we're still a very close family. We visit each other frequently, but it's hard to get all five separate family units together at the same time. We've managed it only four times in the last fifteen years, always on special occasions.

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1994 - Darrell's Retirement

Here we are at our house in Springfield, Virginia, in April 1994. We just got back from Darrell's retirement ceremony in the Office of the Secretary of the Army in the Pentagon. The Secretary (The Honorable Togo West) said he thought we set some kind of record for descendants attending a retirement ceremony.

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2000 - Darrell's 70th Birthday

In December 2000, all of our sons, their wives and our six grandchildren joined us at our house in Massanutten, Virginia, to celebrate my 70th birthday (a month early).  

2003 - Our 50th
Wedding Anniversary

The whole family gathered at our house again in August 2003 to help us celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary. This is the first picture of us with ALL of our current descendants. We're pretty sure there won't be any more descendants until the next generation starts.

2006 - Visit by
Uncle Tom & Aunt Kyoko

Although this was not a complete family gathering, most of our descendants' families came to our home (though not all at the same time) in the summer of 2006 when Jane's brother, Tom, and his wife, Kyoko, who live in Japan, paid us a rare visit. We also celebrated Andy's birthday during the gathering.  Tom and Kyoko also visited the homes of our three East Coast sons while in the U.S.

2008 - Christmas
(& Our 55th Anniversary)

Our four sons and their families joined us over the Christmas holidays for the first time since 2000. We had a full house and all enjoyed a great reunion. As our grandchildren enter and graduate from college, these reunions are getting more difficult to arrange. We hope this won't be the last one. In addition to celebrating the holidays, this was also the year of our 55th wedding anniversary.

2011 - Thanksgiving


The Master Chef

When Dennis notified us that he and his family would come "home" for Thanksgiving, we took the opportunity to gather our entire extended family for the occasion. With Andy's wife Liz and Caren's fiance Seth, we reached a record high number of 19. They stayed for varying periods of time, and it was a great reunion.



Our sons & their wives

The family (19)

Our grandchildren

2013 - Christmas
(& Our 60th Anniversary)

The whole family gathered at our house again in August 2003 to help us celebrate our 60th Wedding Anniversary. Again there were 19 of us. For details of the gathering and more pictures, click here.

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