Welcome to our genealogy pages. From here you can follow our respective ancestors.

Jane's Ancestors
Jane's Ancestors

Jane can trace her ancestors back as far as 1786. There are four complete generations on her father's side and three on her mother's, a total of 22 persons. All of her known ancestral lines begin in Prussia. About half the surnames are German; the other half, Polish.

Darrell's Ancestors
Darrell's Ancestors

Darrell has found about 600 ancestors going back at least 16 (and possibly 18) generations. All of his paternal ancestors were from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or from Ireland. All of his maternal ancestors were from what is now Germany. His earliest known English ancestor (whose relationship is certain) dates from about 1425 and others (whose connection is alleged by other researchers) may have been born as far back as 1397. The dates for his German ancestors are about 1475 (certain) and about 1395 (alleged). 

Our Ancestors
Our  Ancestors

This is an ancestor table produced by Personal Ancestral File, a product of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It shows both Jane's and Darrell's ancestors. It is more recent than the two ancestor tables above, but does not have its own ancestor tree. Instead it links back to the two trees created by GedHTree for the other two ancestor tables.

Our Descendants

We have fours sons and seven grandchildren, a total of 11 descendants. We don't expect any more descendants until our grandchildren start producing the next generation a few years down the road.  To protect their privacy, only limited information about our descendants is provided on our Family pages.

Darrell's Cousins

I've also traced most of the descendants of each set of my grandparents: approximately 500 on the Biwer-Jacoby side and 160 on the Peck-Quirk side.  Originally I intended to post that information here for the convenience of my many cousins.  However, not all are comfortable with having details of their personal lives made so readily available to the general public.  Therefore I decided not to include them here.  If you are interested in that information and have a legitimate reason for having it, feel free to contact me.  (Click on "Contact Us" below.)

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