Memories of Vietnam
July 1968 thru Jun 1969

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Headquarters, 4th Infantry Division
at Camp Enari

The Camp

This was my home away from home for a whole year.

Flying over Hensel Army Air Field
toward Division HQ, Signal Hill
& Dragon Mountain

Approaching the Division HQ complex


Chapel, SJA office, Division HQ, General's Mess, & trailer area (where I lived) are marked on this shot

The Division chapel,
complete with a bell (out front) & a steeple

The Division HQ was .   .   .

.   .   . across the "Administrative Street"
from the SJA office & several other offices of the General's special & personal staff.

I shared this old FEMA trailer with 2 chaplains. It had running water & a flush toilet.

So I seldom used one of these fancy latrines. The "collection" was burned with gasoline every few days.  Ugh!

When the 122 mm rockets started falling, I would dash for this bunker.

The General was a volleyball player.
Until he had this pad built, we played either in deep red mud or deep red dust.

A bunker line protected the camp.

These Montagnard boys managed to get into our "sealed" camp regularly, always begging for candy - and they never see a dentist.

Another view of Dragon Mountain,
this time in the wet season

View of Camp Enari
from the top of Dragon Mountain

Signal Hill at sunset
seen from my trailer

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