Memories of Vietnam
July 1968 thru Jun 1969

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Headquarters, 4th Infantry Division
at Camp Enari

The Staff Judge Advocate Office

Maybe the office didn't look like much
from the outside, but .   .   .

.   .  the inside was wood-paneled
& had tile floors & fluorescent lights. This is the reception/administrative office. All of the private offices were off the hallway.

Looking past Mama-san (hard at work) you can see our infamous swinging door, with its strict prohibition: "Do not lean on door."

Sgt. Bill Zifchak demonstrates that strict prohibitions are often taken as invitations.

Here I am at my desk. It's covered with family photos under glass that Mama-san regularly washed with muddy water.

MAJ Dave Fontanella (2nd of my 5 Deputies) was in the next office.

CWO Dieter Kohler, the no-nonsense office manager, was across the hall.  (He replaced CWO Jim Warfield.)

MAJ Charlie Layton, our senior trial attorney, always managed to have his desk covered with papers.

This is cheery CPT Barry Bedrick.
We have no pictures of him where he's not smiling.

This early attempt at an office picture came up several people short, but it does have CWO Jim Warfield, who had to be medically evacuated in mid-tour.

We got more people on this photo of an office cookout, probably because we had steaks & beer.

We celebrated Christmas without snow,
but I had my own Christmas tree   . 

.   .   .   and received a total of 13 cards,
all greatly appreciated.

New Year's Eve brought our biggest celebration as well as our most complete group picture. But the faces are changing.
                                         To the left ->
Behind me, MAJ Layton (soon to leave)
& MAJ Jim Endicott (newly arrived Deputy #3)

I try a glass of bubbly to welcome 1969.

The new year brings a new sign for the office as well as more new faces.
Here I am with CPT Tom Hokinson.

And here, wearing a traditional ao dai,
is our new clerk-typist, Mrs. Lan, wife of
a lieutenant in the Vietnamese Army Rangers..

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