Memories of Vietnam
July 1968 thru Jun 1969

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Headquarters, 4th Infantry Division
at Camp Enari

The Commanding General's Mess

As a member of the General's personal staff, I had the privilege of membership in the General's Mess. Although we got basically the same food as other mess halls, the General picked his own chef, and the food was always very well prepared. In addition, the Mess had better equipment and more of it. Except for the large, round head table, we sat at small tables for four.

The General's Mess

Part of the roof of the Mess & the fence around the patio are visible (L) on this shot of my trailer

The Mess was U-shaped, with the kitchen in the left section, a bar & lounge in the right section, & the dining area in the section connecting them.


The patio, seen from the lounge, was seldom used. On this occasion we have visiting Hollywood "starlets" who joined us in the Mess on their way to visit the troops in the field.


Wine was available, but rarely ordered. Check out that GI waiter!

Some of my friends:
Hal Larsen, the Dentist;
Jay Childers the Finance Officer
& Chuck Messerli, Air Liaison Officer


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