Memories of Vietnam
July 1968 thru Jun 1969

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Travel within Vietnam

Long Binh Visit
My first visit to the Saigon area was a brief overnight TDY trip to USARV HQ in Long Binh in late October 1968. I didn't go into Saigon at all on that trip. Later I visited Saigon twice, late November 1968 and late May 1969, both times for USARV Judge Advocate meetings.

My 1st flight to Ton Sohn Nhut was on a Caribou.

Seating in the Caribou wasn't exactly first class

A  helicopter took me from Tan Son Nhut to Long Binh

Outskirts of Saigon seen from the helicopter

USARV HQ where I stayed overnight

Saigon River seen from helicopter on return trip

Saigon Visits


The other flights to Tan Son Nhut were by C-130.

Leaving Tan Son Nhut for the big city

Traffic was heavy with a lot of 3-wheelers.

There were also plenty of pedicabs.

We passed through Cholon (Chinese District).

Motorbikes were also prevalent.

The U.S.-operated Rex Hotel

Saigon's City Hall was near the Rex.

The Brinks, another U.S.-operated hotel

Boys in front of BOQ

Typical Saigon street scene

A basket shop

Ao dais, barbed wire & sandbags

Street scene from my hotel balcony

National Assembly building

Street scene near National Assembly building

Presidential Palace

U.S. Embassy

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