Memories of Vietnam
July 1968 thru Jun 1969

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Heading Home

After dinner on my last night in the General's Mess, MG Pepke awarded me the Legion of Merit and the Bronze Star Medal. The next afternoon, 28 June 1969, I was flown to Can Ranh Bay on a small plane.

MG Pepke after pinning on my Legion of Merit

After adding the Bronze Star Medal, we cut the celebratory cake.

Approaching Can Ranh Bay

One of my Command and General Staff College classmates was Commander of the 22nd Replacement Battalion and took good care of me. Lacking transportation, I didn't see much of Cam Ranh Bay but did get a couple of pictures.

Barracks in the 22nd Replacement Battalion

An ugly bunker on a beautiful beach

Over Cam Rahn Bay. My last look at Vietnam

A couple days later I flew by charter to McCord Air Force Base near Tacoma, WA, took a taxi to the Seattle-Tacoma airport just in time to hop on an overnight Northwest Airlines flight, and arrived in Madison, WI, early on 2 July. I had called my wife during a transfer in Minneapolis, and she was at the airport with our four sons to meet me. The adventure was over!

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