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Thursday, 18 June. We had an excellent breakfast at the hotel, then checked out. We drove to the Peace Palace and took a tour with a very interesting guide. The Peace Palace, sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation, houses several international legal institutions: the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the Hague Academy of International Law, and the Peace Palace Library. It also has beautiful gardens.


The Peace Palace

The Peace Court

Garden at the Peace Palace
We took the boys to the Binnenhof, primarily so they could see the Prison Gate (Gevangenpoort) torture chamber, one of the world’s largest. Now a museum, it contains several torture chambers, cells, and a large collection torture implements. We were rushed through because the museum closed for lunch.

We ate on the beach at Schevenigen, then we all went swimming until 15:30. We drove through Rotterdam to the autobahn. We drove through the old city center but only stopped for a couple of photos along the waterfront. Most of the old city had been destroyed in World War II.



Schevenigen beach on the North Sea

An old harbor in Rotterdam


We crossed the border into Belgium and stopped for the night at the modern Dennenhof Motel in Brasschaat, just north of Antwerp. We ate dinner at the hotel and called it a day.


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