We decided to splurge and book Grand Circle Travel (GCT)’s 18-day Scandinavian Capitals & St. Petersburg tour. It was basically a two-week cruise on Celebrity’s Constellation, but GCT threw in air fare, transfers, and a couple days in London. We chose to go in August when the weather was more likely to be pleasant, and it turned out to be even better than we’d hoped.

As an afterthought, we arranged to stay in the United Kingdom for an extra week after the cruise. It wasn’t until later that we settled on how to spend that time: a couple of days in East Anglia visiting the places where my first-known Peck ancestors had lived; then a drive through Wales.

Recognizing that a single diary covering the entire 25 days of diverse activities would challenge the attention span even of those few who really might be interested, this trip journal is divided into four distinct parts, each covering about one week. (Part III, covering only two days, has been separated because it is heavy with genealogy and probably of less general interest.)


Part I - London and the Scandinavian Capitals

(London, Copenhagen, Warnermunde, Stockholm & Helsinki)

 Part II - Russia & the Baltic Countries

(St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga & Klaipeda)

 Part III - Ancestral Sites in East Anglia

(Beccles; Hingham; Southelmham St. James)

 Part IV - A Stop in Cambridge & a Drive through Wales
(Cambridge; Conwy; Caernarfon; Snowdonia; Aberaeron; Cardiff)


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