These travel pages are divided into these four categories, explained in more detail below.
     - European Trips While with the Army in Europe (1959-63 & 1969-73)
     - Vietnam (1968-1969)
     - Overseas Trips Since 1995
     - Photo Albums for Trips Since 2000

Travel While with the Army in Europe
Menu of European Trips (1960-1973)

We've always loved to travel. It was one of the factors that induced me to join the Army, and we certainly weren't disappointed. We had two great tours in Europe (Italy 1959-1963; Germany 1969-1973). We used those opportunities to travel as much as time and money allowed. Most of the trips were short, both in time and distance, since so many interesting things were nearby. But in the eight years spent living in Europe, we took eight more ambitious trips.

Although we didn't prepare photo journals for those trips at the time, in 2005 we came across long forgotten contemporaneous diaries and notes we'd kept on those eight trips, starting with our first tour (Vienna -1960). Between those notes and the pictures we had taken, we've created journals of those trips. It took nearly two years, but those are now posted here, too.

I kept track of a lot of our expenses when I was making the notes. You won't believe the prices! A five-day, all-inclusive bus tour from Verona, Italy, to Vienna, Austria, for $47 a person! Ah yes, but what was our income back then?

Memories of Vietnam
Photos of Vietnam (1968-1969)

I served with the Army in the former Republic of Vietnam, assigned as Staff Judge Advocate of the 4th Infantry Division at Camp Enari in the Central Highlands.  I wasn't there as a tourist, of course, but I did manage to take more than 100 color slides. They bring back a lot of memories.

Major Trips Since Retirement
Menu of Overseas Trips Since 1995

One of the joys of retirement is the opportunity to travel pretty much when and where we please.  It also gives us time to prepare journals of the major trips to help us enjoy those experiences anew in later years, as well as to share them with family and friends. We've been averaging about one major overseas trip a year so far.

Lesser Trips Since Retirement
Menu of Photo Albums for Trips Since 2000

For some of the shorter trips, especially those that were primarily for relaxation rather than serious sight-seeing, there are just photo albums, with no journals to accompany them. We just started making these albums in 2000 when I got my first digital camera. We've actually made a lot more of these shorter trips, but either didn't take enough photos for an album or haven't had the time to prepare the web pages. 

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