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      Ancient Egypt & the Nile (Apr 2007)


China, Tibet and the Yangtze (April 2000)

Japan (Oct 2002)


      Greece & Turkey  (September-October 1995

       Eastern Europe (July 1998)

       Forty Days in Europe (September-October 1999)
          Part I (Elderhostel Tour: Paris; Monaco & Cote d'Azur; Star Clipper)
          Part II (Liguria & Lake Como)    
          Part III (Villages & Friends)
             [Verona; Vicenza; Strasbourg; Luxembourg; Trier; Heidelberg]

        Costa del Sol - Spain (November 2000)

Sicily & Rome (April 2001)

Russia (July 2002)

Eastern Danube River (Sep-Oct 2003)
   [From the Black Sea to Budapest]

Rivers of France (Sep-Oct 2004)
   [The Loire, Cher, Seine, Saone, Rhone & Gardon Rivers]

Across Northern Europe (Aug-Sep 2005)
    Part I (London and the Scandinavian Capitals)
    Part II (Russia & the Baltic Countries)
    Part III (Ancestral Sites in East Anglia )
    Part IV (A Stop in Cambridge & a Drive through Wales)

Great Rivers of Europe (May-June 2006)
   [The Rhine, Main & Danube Rivers in Netherlands, Germany & Austria]

Romance of the Rhine & Mosel (Aug 2009)
   [Belgium; Netherlands; Germany; Luxembourg; France; Switzerland]

Eastern Europe and the Elbe River (Sep-Oct 2013)
   [Prague; Dresden; Meissen; Torgau; Wittenburg; Tangermuende; Potsdam; Berlin]]

Alpine Reprise (Sep 2014)
   [Verona, Vicenza & the Italian Alps; Munich, Garmisch, Oberammergau, Linderhof & the German Alps; Prague; Innsbruck, Austria]

England: London & the Cotswolds (May 2016)
   [London, Oxford, Stratford, Cotswolds, Bath, Avebury, Highclere Castle]  


Quebec (September 1997)

Quebec (September 2000) "Sibling Reunion"


     Argentina (March 1996)

South America Explorer (Dec 2009)
   [Brazil; Argentina; Uruguay; Falklands; Chile]

(Cruises between Europe & North America)

Bound for the Baltic (Apr-May 2009)
   [Azores; Lisbon; Bilbao; Rouen; Colchester; Rotterdam; Copenhagen]    

Riviera Springtime and Sorrento (Apr-May 2011)
   [Azores; Cadiz; Almeria; Valencia; Barcelona; Monaco & the Cote d"Azur; Sorrento]   

Across the North Atlantic (Sep 2012)
   [Denmark; Norway; Scotland; Ireland; Northern Ireland; Iceland; Newfoundland; New Brunswick; New York]

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